Qatar bans beer sales at world cup stadiums

Qatar bans beer sales at world cup stadiums The sale of beer inside World Cup stadiums was recently made illegal in Qatar. This is in accordance with the country’s stringent alcohol laws, which prohibit the sale of alcohol within 1,000 meters of educational institutions, medical facilities, and religious places of worship. The restriction will be enforced across all World Cup stadiums in Qatar, including the illustrious Aztec and Maracana stadiums there. Due to Qatar’s well-known reputation as a country that enjoys drinking alcohol, many people are taken aback by this ban. In fact, according to research carried out by The Economist in 2016, Qatar was deemed to be the best country in the world for drinking. On the other hand, Qatar’s stringent alcohol laws are most likely a response to the country’s recent experiences with incidents that were caused by alcohol. A Qatari woman was given an eight-month prison sentence for the crime of drinking alcohol in public in June of this year. In addition, a Qatari man was given a prison sentence of six months in March of this year for the crime of drinking alcohol in public. Because of these problems, Qatar has probably decided to stop selling beer at World Cup stadiums

Can you drink alcohol at World Cup Qatar?

For the duration of the competition, there were no restrictions placed on drinking. Fans in Qatar will be permitted, assuming there are no other last-minute rule changes, to drink alcohol in designated official fan zones after 6:30 p.m., despite the fact that it is normally against the law to drink or be drunk in public

Can you take alcohol into Qatar?

It is against the law to bring in drugs, alcohol, pornography, pork products, and religious books and materials. In the Arrivals Hall of Hamad International Airport, every item of luggage is screened. It’s possible that your DVDs and videos will be scrutinized, screened, and even taken away

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