How to block numbers on iPhone the right way

You should be familiar with how to block numbers on your iPhone if you possess one. Your entire experience with your smartphone will be enhanced as a result of this feature’s ability to cut down on the number of unwanted calls you get. However, it will also allow you to limit who can call or text you on your phone number.You have the option to block regular contact with this tool, and you may choose to do so either temporarily or permanently. There are a lot of different reasons for doing so, and one of those reasons is that it might be a strategy to avoid certain people. In the paragraphs that follow, we will demonstrate how simple it is to block a certain user on an iPhone.

How to restrict some phone numbers on an iPhone

The Phone app is the starting point for the process of blocking someone on an iPhone, which makes it quite simple to do. You will need to go to Recents and look for the I next to the phone number that you wish to block. You need to touch the button there, which is labelled “Info.” After that, scroll down until you see the option to Block This Caller.

You are able to repeat the procedure with other basic iPhone applications like Messages and FaceTime on your device. The steps are going to remain the same.

Another method for achieving this objective is to open the Settings app, go to the Phone section, and then search for the option to Block Contacts. The list contains all of the numbers that you have banned. In addition to that, it has a button labelled “Add new” that enables users to add new numbers to the list. This is also applicable to FaceTime and Messages. This is also the location that you will need to go to in the future if you change your mind about blocking a certain number.

To prevent someone from contacting you on your iPhone through voice calls or texts, you need to block them in one of those applications. This will prevent them from being able to reach you.

If you also want to stop receiving emails from the same contact, you will need to launch the Mail app, search for the contact that you get emails from, press the contact at the top of the screen, and then look for the option to Block this contact.

These tools will automatically prevent spam calls and texts from reaching your iPhone.

People who are concerned that they may have been blocked by you might always attempt to hide their phone number. In this scenario, the call will be connected successfully. If you have recently blocked someone and are now receiving calls that display “No Caller ID,” you should avoid picking up the phone and talking to the unknown caller.

You may stop calls from coming through if they have no Caller ID by navigating to Settings, then selecting Phone, then turning on Silence Unknown Callers. This may also stop unwanted calls from coming through.

In a similar manner, you need to go over to Settings, then Messages, and turn on the option to Filter Unknown Senders. Because of this function, you will not be bothered by unsolicited messages sent by those who are not already in your contact list.

To phrase it another way, you have the option of deleting a contact number as opposed to banning the person. The tools that allow you to Silence Unknown Callers and Filter Unknown Senders will subsequently stop their calls and messages from being sent to your phone. The disadvantage of this is that you run the risk of missing alerts from people who haven’t yet been added to your contacts list.

Don’t forget about all the various chat applications on the iPhone.

It is not sufficient to just block a number from appearing on the iPhone’s built-in voice and chat apps. In addition to this, you will need to ban them from any third-party cross-platform messaging programmes such as WhatsApp. A text message or phone call from the individual whose communications you want to restrict would still be sent if you did not use the appropriate app.

If you wish to prevent receiving any calls or texts from a certain number, you will need to block that number across all of your chat applications in order to do so. Blocking someone in this manner assures that you won’t get any calls or messages sent via any third-party chat applications. This is the correct approach to go about blocking someone.

To block a contact via WhatsApp, for instance, you must first touch on the contact’s profile image, then scroll down until you see the option to block the contact. Rinse and repeat the process in each individual chat app that you have loaded on your iPhone to guarantee that the individual in question has been entirely banned.

If you wish to unblock someone, you will need to do these procedures in reverse order.

How to tell if your iPhone number has been banned by another user

iPhone-to-iPhone communication may enable those who have been blocked to learn that they were blocked by you. This is something that we have recently clarified.

It is possible for the person who has been blocked to learn that they have been blocked by using the Messages app. IMessage conversations, in particular, are the ones that may reveal all.

On iPhones, iMessage conversations are shown with a blue tint; this is a feature that continues to give Google nightmares. However, if a person is banned, the message that they send over iMessage to the person who blocked them cannot be sent. Alternately, they might be received as standard text messages.

To put it another way, if the bubbles all of a sudden become green, it’s possible that you’ll be blocked. However, you shouldn’t draw any hasty conclusions. There might be additional reasons for a bubble becoming green, such as one of the two people involved in the conversation lacking an internet connection.

The fact that calls made from your iPhone to other iPhones go straight to voicemail is another red flag that suggests you may have been blacklisted.

When you make the call, you won’t hear any rings; instead, you will be connected to the voicemail system. If this occurs, it’s possible that your access has been restricted. However, there is a possibility that there are other reasons why the call isn’t coming through.

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