Did You Watch the FIFA World Cup on VOOT? You Got Scammed!

It’s no secret that streaming services are super convenient when it comes to watching television and movies, but did you know that they also apply to live events, like sports? VOOT was all set to stream the FIFA World Cup in 2022 this summer, but they suddenly backed out and cancelled their plans to stream the games after they had previously announced them. Why would they do that? Well, if you paid money to watch this stream through VOOT, then you just got scammed! Here’s why…

What is VOOT?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 was supposed to be shown in India on the streaming service VOOT. People lost money because it was a scam. They didn’t show the games because they didn’t have enough money. They put out fake ads to make people think they were going to show it.

So many Indian fans were really looking forward to this event, but now they’re just sad.

What happened?

This year’s FIFA World Cup, which just ended, was supposed to be streamed on the VOOT app. The only problem is that they didn’t have permission to show any of them, so they are now being taken to court for copyright infringement. It turns out that Fox Sports is the only company in India that can show the game. Whoops!

VOOT used to charge $3.99 a day or $9.99 a month to use their streaming service, and there were no refunds if you stopped paying. If they could have gotten away with it, they would have made millions without doing any work.

How did people react?

People have been going crazy. People in India are not happy because they think that Voot should have streamed the games. Some people are saying that they wasted their money to watch a match and now it’s not being streamed at all. Others said that Voot is just trying to make people wait until 2020, which is when the next World Cup will be taking place.

Some people were so mad about how Voot treated them, they went to Twitter and told everyone about how much it hurt them: VOOT really disappointed me with this decision.

VOOT has yet to release an official statement regarding why this decision was made but sources say that there were some technical difficulties with streaming events such as these for a country as large and diverse as India.

What can be done?

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are great for watching your favorite TV shows or movies at home. But if you were one of the many Indians who signed up to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Voot, you got scammed.

The company was supposed to show all 64 games, but when they actually started streaming, it turned out that they only had 13 games in their archives and had to resort to showing recorded footage from previous matches.

Now they’ve shut down their streaming service altogether.

If you’re not just looking for a place to watch live sports but also a place where you can find value, here are some alternatives:

Netflix is an affordable option that offers movies and popular TV shows.

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